WB Meal Plan

Do you plan your meals or are you more spur-of-the-moment meal planner? Some weeks I'm super planned and other weeks... I'm scrounging in the pantry at five-ish. This week I needed a kind push to get myself ready for this week. You know when you have lots on your mind, planning food plus going grocery shopping just isn't your favorite thing to do. That was me today (Sunday).

So after a whole day of delaying, avoiding and doing everything else but plan my family's meals... here they are. Oh, and now that it is done, I am actually really excited about them!


Turkey Burgers
Sweet potato fries
Caesar Salad


Salmon & Noodle Bowl (I'm using whole grain cappellini noodles instead of fettuccine.)
Whole grain baguettes
Orange slices


Black bean quesadillas
Spanish Rice - I'm going to use brown rice instead of white.
Sliced peaches


Greek-style chicken with pickled onions, tomatoes and tzatziki
Zucchini oat bread - I'm going to use whole wheat pastry flour, brown sugar and coconut oil instead of the white flour and sugar and butter.


Homemade pizza

Have a great week!!

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