10 Day Raw Food Challenge

I am embarking on a new venture. A raw food venture. This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I've been curious in wanting to see how it really affects my mind and body.

I'd love to have companions on this venture. Come on, you can anything for 10 days! I will be here for you every step of the way.

To be clear, I am a complete novice in the area of eating a complete raw diet over any span of time. I have done a green smoothie challenge, but that was having a green smoothie just once a day... that's quite easy if you ask me. But this is 10 days... of every meal.. raw.

So first, let's answer some questions.

1. Why a raw food challenge? In a word... enzymes. Plant-based foods have live enzymes that nourish our bodies' cells. Enzymes fuel our bodies to health. Amazing health. Cooking foods above 118 degrees kills those lovely enzymes that our bodies are craving.

2. What can't I eat? Packaged foods. Cooked meats. Breads, cakes, crackers. Dairy. Refined sugars.

3. What can I eat? Unlimited fruits and veggies. Non-roasted nuts and seeds. Nut butters. Dried fruit. Plant-based milks -- almond, hemp and coconut. Olives and olive oil. Vinegars. Coconut butter and coconut oil. Since wine is fermented at low temperatures, it is indeed an acceptable companion within raw food guidelines. 

4. What can I drink? I would recommend only water and herbal teas. If you want to drink your morning coffee, I have no problem with that, just don't add dairy creamers or sugar instead use almond or coconut milk and stevia or honey.

5. What benefits is there for me if I decide to take this crazy challenge??? Going raw, you can expect extraordinary health benefits - abundant energy and vitality, possible weight loss, balanced emotions, clear mind and optimal health. There are incredible testimonies of people curing themselves of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, even AIDS with a raw lifestyle. You will look and feel truly healthy, happy and alive by giving your body everything it needs. Since we are only doing a 10-day challenge, there will definitely be great benefits, but keep in mind it may take months or even years to reverse some diseases that some raw foodies experience.

The raw path has been used to improve: allergies, arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, digestion issues, diverticulitis, fibromyalgia, poor immunity, menstrual problems, psoriasis, and hormonal imbalances. No prepackaged food can compare with the life force of raw food.

Like I said, I am a complete novice at eating raw... as terrible as that sounds. We should know and be so comfortable with eating fresh fruits and veggies all the time, but I'm not. So be patient with me. I will provide as much information as I can and research info if we have questions.

I will be here for you every step of the way to answer questions and encourage you. I will be posting recipes in the next couple days to get you started. I would recommend start the first couple days with lots of fruit like you like and are comfortable with and salads for dinner. I will have recipes for some cooler/warm soups as well. 

We can do this. Our bodies will be in love with this new venture. It might resist what we're doing at first, but will quickly figure out that what we are doing is amazing and so beneficial.

This starts on January 2. Hope to have you on board!
Warning... I am not a medical doctor. If you are not sure that your health is suitable for this challenge, please refrain. If your health is optimal and you are hoping to kickstart a healthier you, then please come along. 

The first couple days on any challenge of where your normal foods that you consume are taken out, you will most likely have symptoms associated  with withdrawal called "die off". Toxins are being pulled from your body's cells and you may/may not have "flu-like" symptoms such as headache, fatigue, irritability and poor concentration. This is normal. By drinking large amounts of water, this will aid in decreasing those symptoms (in my experience). 

Stay tuned... there is more to come! If you're in, can you send me an email here letting me know... thanks!


  1. Never too late to send New Year wishes. Nice post...

  2. Love this post Jenna. We have been reading off an on about curing cancer and other illnesses naturally and it is amazing what you can do with a healthy diet! In the two books we read the author stated that if you were only able to give up one thing then let it be sugar and if two then milk.
    Thanks again for all your research,sharing and challenging us,

    1. Thanks, Jennie :) I'm glad you can resonate with the importance of diet, too! What book are you referring to? Would love to get my hands on it too! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas :)

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