WB Meal Plan - Super Charged

I think the meal plan for last week was (in my opinion) great. I mentioned how last Saturday we ate really bad and that evening my heart was racing and felt very heavy... it was a terrible feeling. Its amazing how quickly our bodies react to the garbage we put in it. Now after a week of going vegetarian (minus the turkey sausage), I really can't get over how great I feel. My skin looks good, no racing/heavy heart, good energy and overall, I feel great. I'm not perfect... but I am motivated especially when I don't feel well.

I think living in America we tend to reward ourselves for getting through another week, finishing a big project or successfully making it through the day with our little ones still happy and breathing. That reward is usually centered around some type of food or meal and for us, sometimes those food choices are extremely unhealthy*. I am all for rewards, but if they aren't super healthy ones, then hopefully they are balanced in between a generally healthy lifestyle. For me, its all about balance.

So this week's meal plan seems to be (unknowingly) focused on some powerful ingredients that will charge you and your family up for health. Full of flavor too, I promise. After doing a little research here are just some of the higher nutrients found in this week's meals... fiber, iron, carotene, manganese, antioxidants, amino acids, omega-3's, vitamin D, choline and more. Some things will be new for my family like the quinoa and the beet salad.


Black Bean soup ~ changes: using canned instead of dried beans and taking out the bacon (sorry) and the jalapenos (for the baby).

Sourdough Bread

Roasted Sweet Potatoes


Wild Salmon** (baked with lemon, EVOO, salt and pepper) ~ from Trader Joe's

Sugar Snap Peas

Dorothy Lane Market Southwest Quinoa


Vegetable Frittata

Rosemary Hash Browns



BBQ Chicken Pizza ~ your favorite BBQ sauce, gouda or mozzarella cheese, fresh cilantro and red onion. (with whole wheat crust!)

Banana & almond butter smoothies


We have plans so I don't have to cook for two days... hmm, maybe I'll reward myself :)

* Next time you want to look up the calorie content for something you're about to eat or just ate, check out www.myfitnesspal.com ~ sometimes you'll think twice before grabbing that second donut.

** Wild salmon is much better for you than "farmed" salmon... it is worth the extra money you will spend (although it is in not much when compared). Here is an excerpt from Natural News about the two kinds...

Farm-raised salmon are littered with these poisonous PCB's because the fish oils and other feed farmers are giving to their salmon for sustenance is contaminated. The salmon then absorb these chemicals when they eat, which is transferred to you when you get them at your local fish market. Wild salmon doesn't have this problem because, as the term "wild" indicates, they get their sustenance from a variety of sources in the ocean, many of which aren't nearly as contaminated.
All recipes not linked are available, just message me.


Why I Love Coconut Oil...

I was thinking on Fridays I will highlight one of my favorite things that I believe help contribute to our family's journey to being wholesome and well. Items that I almost always keep on hand in our house and feel are worth sharing.
I will start this Friday with my #1 favorite item that is always stocked in my home... right-hand cabinet over the stove, to be exact. Its something that I use to make eggs with, throw into smoothies and even dab a little on my crow's feet... can you guess??
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil...

It has so many health benefits, I don't even know where to start. To give you a little taste of how beneficial it is, it contains a prize-winning ingredient ~ lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid ~ the same component found in human breast milk. When lauric acid is introduced into the body it will act as an antiviral, antifungal, antimicrobial, and antiprotozoal (infection). So not only does it totally give the immune system a huge boost, some of the other benefits include the following:
1. Helps balance out cholesterol levels (increases HDL; lowers LDL).
2. Gives a 48% increase to your metabolism (in a 24 hour period). One study (mercola.com) recognized that an individual lost 24 pounds in 6-8 weeks after adding coconut oil to their diet.

3. Can supply the body with energy similar to blood glucose.
4. Contains many antioxidant properties that are excellent for premature aging and preventing degenerative diseases.
5. When applied to hair (best overnight), it will treat dry, damaged or an itchy scalp.
6. Apply to the face for acne treatment, facial moisturizer, make-up remover and to treat diaper rash, eczema, rosacea and dermatitis. Also helps to treat dry hands, feet and elbows... who wants dry elbows???
What non-drug item found in your local grocery store can do all that for around $10??
When you go searching for this "miracle in a jar", look for the following words on the bottle... unrefined, extra virgin and if possible, organic. Brands I have used and like are Nutiva, Nature's Way, and Garden of Life.
So its good to put on the outside and ingest for the inside. Ideas for ways you can take it internally are... for sauteing vegetables, frying eggs, throw in a smoothie, in place of oils in baking, use to make a salad dressing with and I've even read some people drop a spoonful in their morning tea. Anyway you do it, it won't be wrong and it will result in pure goodness for your body. Children can have 1-2 tablespoons a day and for adults, to get the full range of benefits, 3 tablespoons are recommended.
Here's a great smoothie recipe:
1 c. frozen unsweetened strawberries
1 very ripe banana
3/4 -1 c. (or more) almond milk
1 T. EV Coconut Oil
5 ice cubes
Blend until smooth... enjoy!


WB Meal Plan - Going Vegan

Beware... I am doing a little twist on the meals for this week. Brian and I ate a little poorly on Saturday and that evening, we did not feel right. We "blew" the whole wholesome thing, for sure. 

Sooo, I did some scouring of my healthy meals and thought we would go a little vegetarian this week. If you've never done vegetarian, I would encourage you to try it. It takes a little planning ~ make sure its when the kids are in bed so you can think ~ but, in my opinion, is a good way to clean the gut out of a lot of toxins found in animal products (unless you buy strictly organic). 

If you go vegetarian for the week, let me know how it went and how you felt. Side note: One of the main health benefits of a vegetarian diet is improved cardiovascular function. This is because on the whole, vegetarians do not eat saturated fats. These fats have proven to cause artery blockage. One of the many other health benefits is that the high fiber found in whole grains that are typically eaten has been proven to defend against colon and other cancers.

(You will notice I did not go strictly vegetarian. I do feel we do need a little more protein than that on a strict vegetarian diet).

Black Bean Burgers (recipe found here) with whole wheat buns, lettuce, tomato. Cool slaw** & unsweetened applesauce on the side.
Big Fat Taco Salad** (made with no meat, but guacamole and black beans).
Whole wheat (homemade) waffles with maple syrup & turkey sausage links.
Spinach Salad with strawberries, sunflower seeds and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Herbed cauliflower** on the side and peaches.
Pizza night... homemade, of course. With whole wheat dough, homemade sauce and low fat mozzarella cheese. The kids love ice cream on Fridays too... we have been getting the super cheap Party Pail at Kroger of their chocolate yogurt... the kids love it.
** These are from the book "Appetite for Reduction: 125 Fast & Filling Low-Fat Vegan Recipes". I can email you the recipes if you're interested.


The Journey Begins

When I think of the word 'wholesome', images of homemade granola, fresh wheatgrass juice and spring air whooshing through my windows come to mind. I honestly can't get enough of all things wholesome. I get giddy over trips to farmer's markets, swinging outside with my boys on a sunny day and watching my toddler sip the rest of my green smoothie. I throw a small party when my children grab an organic gala over the junk hidden in the pantry. Its just those little things that make my world a little happier.

But to be totally honest, I am not wholesome all the time. We do indulge on cakes, carbs and cavity-enhancing treats on occasion. We allow them in and they are consumed. And when they're around long enough, we get sick. Then we come to our senses and get back on the wholesome path. But thankfully, over the years, we are learning and progressing because we see the good that wholesome things bring.

This really parallels my life in Christ. Some days I am so on board with all things holy and pure. But then there are minutes, hours even days when I am a picture of complete garbage and what the health world calls sick. But as Christ says in His word, all things become new and his mercies are new every morning... I know there is always hope.

So you may wonder, what is the purpose of my blog? Well, by nature I am a researcher, a nurturer, a fixer of sorts and a nurse by trade... put all that together and you have a very passionate person who wants to see people happy and healthy. This passion also began when my son became sick at one point. We were at a loss for why he was sick and I was determined to get answers on my own and make him well again. Thankfully and by God's grace, he is well today. With just a few simple changes in our life and home, things quickly went from bad to good. I want to share that journey and other bits whether it be recipes, good finds, or a healthy boost from Scripture.

I want you to carry out your God-given talents and experience a good life. We all get sick at times, we live in a unhealthy world. But I think there are changes we can make to live better. So come along and join me as we chew on some wholesome bits ~ the physical and spiritual kind... and trust me, you will like it!