How To Love Your Husband... Dirty Toilets and All

I remember that day so vividly. It was a day of revelation for me. I was pregnant, homeschooling our two sons with a toddler under toe and trying to keep our house tidy for the sporadic showings we had while our little ranch was for sale. Life was so busy and my temper was unpredictable. You know that phrase, "If Momma ain't happy..."?? You know the rest... that was me.

This day in particular, I was cleaning a mess my hubby made. OK, let me just be honest, it was his toilet. At the time, we had two separate bathrooms. As I was on my knees, working up a sweat with my big belly in the way, my thoughts started down that dangerous spiral: from accusation to anger and from anger to bitterness. If you could take a peek into my mind, it would not have been pretty.
Why am I cleaning his mess? Can't he just do this one little thing? Doesn't he understand all that I do? He is so selfish. I don't deserve this. This is so unfair. I am so unappreciated. 
And then out of the blue, like a gentle tap on the shoulder, I felt the unmistakable whisper of the Holy Spirit...

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5 Easy Ways to Find Real Foods in Real Life

Eating real foods doesn't need to be complicated. Cooking meals from scratch is easily looked at as unusual nowadays. I think our society -- in terms of eating real foods -- has been swept over by the idea that food has to be fast and convenient. We should always try to make meal and food choices  that will benefit us in the long run.

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We take great care and attention to our yards, cars and even our Pinterest boards. So why don't we take extra care of our bodies that God has entrusted us with? Healthy can be easy. It can be convenient and fast. I think it's the preparation and buying choices at the store that need more attention.

For the most part we know that real foods are those things that greet us in the produce area of the grocery store... that's a given. Those vibrant colors stand out and we know that they exude nutrients and life to our cells. Then sometimes it gets tricky as we wander through the other aisles.

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