I See this Baby...

"Let’s not allow the traditions of the worldly celebration of Christmas to distract us from Advent, but spend time preparing our hearts to cry out with joy."

Lately I am overcome with the selfishness of my heart in regards to Christmas. The obsessions of this season really get in the way of what this baby was bringing that night. Sometimes I want to find the "escape" button.

But then I realize the side of finding joy in the things God has given us, and yet keeping my focus... a perfect balance...
and then I start to see this baby.

I never want to lose sight of the incredible wonder and miracle of this baby. A sweet, innocent baby coming into this fallen and broken world. A world that hasn't changed from 2,000 years ago. We might have the internet and modern conveniences, but nothing really has changed. Selfishness is still looming over all our hearts. Getting ahead. Putting on airs. Having our way. What is making me happy?

I have to stop. Completely put on earthly brakes and alter my focus.

Knowing that this baby is really it
He is our joy.
He is truly bringing heaven to us.

Are we seeing it? The light from the smelly manager... it is illuminating with the sounds of hallelujahs from heaven. Can we slow down enough to hear it?

I'm so thankful for this baby. So incredibly in awe of that holy night. As the church, I pray we let this joy stir in us in amazing ways all year long. Envision the manager. Keep your focus on this baby.

Do you see his sweet face? Look at his precious hands, how small and without scars... for now. I don't ever want to escape the knowledge in knowing his little round head would someday be pierced with thorns... all for me. Graciously remember that this baby Jesus, is our salvation.

Let's hold on to this thrill of hope in knowing that Christ has come!

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