9 Foods to Think Twice About Over the Holidays

I am seriously not trying to be a holiday food "Debbie-downer". To be honest, I am often times guilty of enjoying overly fat and sugary indulgences this time of year just like anyone. This blog exists to encourage people (including myself) to a healthier and better life. After doing a little research into our culture's favorite holiday foods, I realized even though they taste great, they deceitfully wreck havoc on our body's systems specifically the heart. Don't just take my word for it, you can read more about heart disease in this article.

Knowledge is power.

This holiday season, I am pledging to think twice before I pick up food. We can all enjoy holiday eating, but with some slight adjustments. Like staying away from creamy vegetables, taking smaller portions of those sugary goodies, and basically avoiding some foods altogether.

So here is a list of foods (and what makes them so naughty ) you need to think twice about before devouring...

(The nutritional content are from just normal, average servings.)

1. Turkey skin

350 calories
44 g. fat
102 mg cholesterol

2. Cranberry sauce

400 calories
105 g. sugar
Read more about some interesting facts about high-sugar intake here.

3. Creamed vegetables (spinach, green beans, artichoke dip, etc)

284 calories
20 g. fat

4. Pecan pie a' la mode

810 calories
64 g. fat
55 g. sugar

5. Candied Yams

400 calories
76 g. sugar

6. Prime rib

750 calories
45 g. fat
450 mg cholesterol

7. Egg nog

350 calories
19 g. fat
22 g. sugar

8. Cheesecake

707 calories
29 g. fat
33 g. sugar

9. Starbuck's Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha

440 calories
10 g. fat
59 g. sugar

So take some of this knowledge with you as you enjoy time with your loved ones and be well!

I wish you many, many blessings this holiday season!

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