Wedded Bliss

Yesterday I celebrated 15 years of marriage. It was a normal, hectic day as a mom of 4 boys. But in my heart, I was beaming...

Well, it didn't start off that way. Rewind 15 years back. Two young kids, straight out of college... pretty self-centered... and a whole lot of maturing to be done.

Sometimes and especially for me, we look for someone whether it be a friend, a spouse, a parent or a child to fulfill parts of us that haven't been filled. Whether it be from a past of neglect, abuse, hurts and so on. Maybe it has been filled and we are too selfish to know it. Regardless, I went into marriage thinking "he" needed to fill me up. And he didn't. Or so I thought.

After the "honeymoon" phase wore off and we were settling into our jobs and seminary, it hit. He wasn't doing "this". He wasn't saying "that". It wasn't this "picture perfect" life I had waited my whole 23 years of life for. So I complained. I whined. I cried. A lot.

But then, God broke in and revealed almost more than I could handle. Thankfully through a young-marrieds class at church, I learned about the 5 love languages. For once, I realized that marriage is really about serving. About giving, not always receiving. Being Christ to our partner.
I also learned that I was wanting filled up with something humanly which would never bring true satisfaction. I wanted this man, my sweet husband, to fill me up and make me happy in ways that only God can. I realized that only in Christ can we really live and move and have our being. (Acts 17:28). And the verse, "the joy of the Lord is my strength" became real to me.

I finally, truly understood that when I am "in Christ", there, I am most satisfied.
We have come a long way in our marriage. I can honestly say it is "wedded bliss". We are not perfect. But we have grown in our love for each other, but more so in our knowledge and love for Christ. That's what brings about a great marriage.

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