Why I Said "Good-Bye" to Beef

I have pretty much swore off all red meat... except for one occasion, a date to Ruth Chris, then I might have to reconsider. But until then, when I shop for meat/protein for my family it will mainly consist of the following... local, range-free eggs, turkey and chicken, wild caught fish and beans.

I have mentioned before I have inherited a high cholesterol gene (a double whammy of high LDL and low HDL)... BUT I am determined that I will reverse this "birthright." There are some diseases that just happen, even to the healthiest of people. But I feel there is a huge percentage of diseases that can be reversed through healthy food choices.

But cholesterol issues aside, I have read that there are new findings from an international study disclosing the correlation between consuming too much red meat and colorectal cancer occurrences. The study estimates that as much as 45% of colorectal cancers can be prevented by a high-fiber diet, consuming less red meat and alcohol, and getting an adequate amount of exercise. And as frequent as meat recalls are occurring, it is hard for me to justify feeding my family beef products all the while knowing of the potential risks of heart disease and cancers it also causes.

I have found that ground turkey is a perfect alternative to recipes that call for ground beef. You still need to watch your portions, but overall there are so many health benefits in eating turkey. And it is really the perfect high-protein, low-fat food.

One note-worthy ingredient in turkey is the trace mineral selenium which is highly proven to increase the efficacy of the thyroid and immune systems, but it also plays a major role in antioxidant defense. This important system is key in attacking free radical cells that can turn into cancer cells. In fact, one study shows that cancer patients who added selenium to their diets "had a reduced incidence of the development of new tumors throughout their bodies, and the group also had a 39% reduced mortality rate over the other group".

Other benefits include helps to lower LDL levels, enhances mood and boosts testosterone and aids in insomnia. How can you go wrong?

So stayed tuned because tomorrow I will share one of our favorite turkey burger recipes to enjoy this summer as you grill out.

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