What Husbands Really Want From Their Wives...

Father's Day is tomorrow and hopefully the card and gifts have been purchased for the father of your children. I think gifts are great because who doesn't love a gift? But as wives there is always more we can give that will make their day, their year a great one.

I did a little one-on-one with my husband to see what he thought men in general would love to get from their wives as intangible gifts on their special day. I asked him to think of things a wife could do to really make her husband feel special and loved. So along with the gifts you have purchased, give your husband these five things he really wants...

1. Show Respect... About 7 years ago I read a book that rocked my marriage world. In it the author profoundly states something that I have never forgotten. Through her research she found that "men would rather feel alone and unloved than inadequate and disrespected". Our man wants affirmation and encouragement even more than our affection. So I encourage you to build him up with your words and do your best not to nag or worse, tear him down behind his back. Remember the qualities that first drew you to him and tell him those things. Express to him what a gift he really is.

2. Smile... Men are naturally drawn to happy women. Do you enjoy the company of a grouch? No one does. There is something magical that happens when you smile and your husband sees your approval in him. You are essentially saying, "You make me a happy girl!". My husband adamantly stated that the most important time to smile at your husband is the moment he comes home from work. He does not want to come home to a grumpy wife. Even if you've had a rough day with kids... perk up and smile! He will think he's got the best girl around.

3. Silence... After talking to my husband about this list he mentioned he wants to spend Father's day with us, but he would love to have a short time to himself... in silence. Grab him his favorite drink, a book or the remote and let him enjoy a little quiet time. Just like moms, dads need some down time and a few moments to reenergize.

4. Submit... Hear me out. This is not the 1950's June Cleaver "submit" that is sometimes associated with this word. I am referring to the submit that happens when we understand our position before Christ. When you submit to your husband, you see that he is under God and your love for God naturally places you beneath your husband's leadership. There is no better place to be in your marriage ~ it is a beautiful picture of the gospel.

5. Sex... This is a gift that only you can deliver. Even if his whole world is falling apart, but has this time with you, he will feel he can conquer anything. Also it is important (according to my husband) that you really show him you want him... this is crucial. Don't act like you're doing him a favor. Be creative and passionate and make him feel he's the hottest man in the world!

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