WB Meal Plan ~ I {heart} Summer

Summer is a time I am more chill. More laid back and lazy, I guess you could say. Are you similar? 

I wrestle with wanting things perfect, but I am thankful for when summer comes because we aren't ruled by schedules and alarm clocks and I tend to shrug off my perfectionism. 

I do love this kind of living. 

In my opinion, healthy eating really can't take too much of a vacation. While we have enjoyed a few donuts this summer, brownies with cousins and fudgsicle pops from Aldi... I still desire to cook up a healthy dinner. We can't be perfect in our eating all the time, but if I keep healthy dinners coming as much as possible through the week, then splurging here or there isn't so terrible. 

So as I slow-fully pull out the laptop and gather some thoughts in my wandering mind, I finally put together our week's dinner menu. 

Side note: I had a request from my friend, Jozan to start doing meal planning for breakfast, lunch and dinner... would you too be interested in this? I jumped the gun and told her yes right away, but soon found out it was going to take more planning then my lazy, summer mind had in store. Jozan, it is coming... hopefully, soon!

lemon basil chicken with carrots over gluten-free spaghetti
roasted broccoli... otherwise known as "the best broccoli of your life" and it is!
sliced green apples with red grapes and yogurt flavored with cinnamon for dipping

carrots with yogurt ranch dip
reduced fat, kettle-style organic chips

cubed pineapple

sliced English cucumbers

pizza bianca (using Udi's gluten free pizza crust)

what's your favorite thing about summer?


  1. I'm still waiting :) Keep your meals plans coming - I use some of them!

  2. I love your meal ideas. :-) I am really hoping that (as we get closer to school starting) that you'll post fresh ideas for packing lunches for kids, as well (I am assuming your kids don't eat school lunches). :-) Shawn and I are sending the kids to school this year, and I have put my foot down - they will be taking lunches every day, but I am terrified that I will run out of good ideas, LOL. :-)

    ~Steph R.

    1. Good for you, Steph! Wise decision. And thanks for the nudge. I actually have been needing to post about kids lunches a LONG time ago for several other people who have asked. So yes, you will see them.

      No, we don't have our kids buy school lunches. There are special times we do let them buy, but it's once in a great while. They think they're not as fortunate as the other kids because they pack, but I know one day they'll understand :)

      Thanks, Steph :)

  3. I certainly wouldn't complain about seeing your breakfast meal plans! And can we come over for dinner? ;) This meal plan sounds great! I just might have to try some of these recipes next week.

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