12 Tips to a Toxic-less Home

On average, we will spend half of our lives inside our homes. And unfortunately, there are thousands to tens of thousands of chemicals inside the average home that are linked to diseases. Many of those diseases take years to manifest. 

There are now 85,000 industrial chemicals now registered in the United States that are slowly finding their ways into our homes and eventually our body's systems. These chemicals are targeting major systems such as the immune, neurological, respiratory and more. Children, with still-developing bodies and immature immune systems, may be the ones most vulnerable to their effects.

When I start to research all the ways that chemicals can infiltrate our lives, I am left feeling overwhelmed, frightened and usually discouraged. But when it comes to the safety and well-being of my (four) children, I'm ready to fight... mentally, that is :) 

Although we cannot do everything to avoid toxins in our homes, there certainly are ways to minimize our exposure to them. Here are just a few ways we can. 

1. Ventilate often... daily if possible.

2. Be educated on your family's exposure to VOC's ~ you can learn more about VOC's here.

3. Establish a "no shoe" rule in your home. By doing this, you can cut down on bringing toxins in by 60%.

4. Keep the temperature and humidity low. 

5. Drink filtered water.

6. Rethink your cookware. Teflon pans release at least six toxic gases, including two carcinogens, two global pollutants, and MFA, a chemical lethal to humans at low doses. 

7. Stop using air fresheners, including fabric softeners.

8. Avoid anything "anti-bacterial"... embrace your dirty side. Read more here

9. Try to cut down on your use of plastics... and please don't microwave your food in plastic containers. 

10. Google phthalates and dioxins. Get to know where they show up and avoid them. 

11. Invite toxin-reduce plants into your home.

12. If your cleaning products have a warning label on it, then it's probably not good to use. I stopped buying commercial household cleaners awhile ago and have never looked back. I love making my own laundry detergent... found here. One thing I do invest in is my Seventh Generation dishwasher detergent. It is hands down the best. I tried making my own and it didn't work.... maybe because my dishwasher is 15 years old, but regardless, Seventh Generation has made my life much brighter and shinier :) 

The one thing I do make and love is a general, household cleaner. I use this on my toilets, stains, faucets, stainless steel appliances, sticky messes on the floor and more. The vinegar may take your nose a little getting use to, but there definitely won't be any toxins to affect you or your children's health. 

Here's the simple, easy recipe for an All Natural & Toxic-free household cleaner:

Equal parts of water to white vinegar. 
20-30 drops of tea tree oil
1 tsp of natural dish soap (I love Seventh Generation Lavender Floral and Mint)

Shake and use.

What other ways do you keep your house free from toxins?


  1. Thanks for these tips! I thought you were going to say rip out your carpet, cabinets, and strip the paint off your walls. That wouldn't go over too well with our landlords so I appreciate these doable tips. Shoes, huh? Crazy! And I will have to try out you cleaner recipe and save some money. Do you have a hand soap recipe?

    1. Well, I did refrain... I don't want to make people discouraged :)I have not done a soap recipe, but I do have one I've been wanting to try. I'll post if and when I do! Thanks, Kristy!

    2. OHHH, just went to your blog.... love it! Great to connect with you :)

  2. I am a little weird about germs. Does this really kill them? Also, where do you get the tea tree oil? I also saw on another site where you add the oil to a dry laundry mixture? Does this mix and have effectiveness still with killing germs and leaving a nice scent? Thanks so much. I am ready to start making my own detergent and cleaning solutions.