The Lessons I've Learned from... {A Series}

There are many people who inspire me. All my life I have been one to notice things... notice people and their behavior... notice the way they interact and the way they respond to... life. As much as I have been capable, I've tried to either steer clear of certain behaviors I've seen that I don't appreciate or take on those behaviors that I admire. Whether it was the mothers I babysat for, my youth leaders, college professors or even people who do not share the same religious beliefs as I do, I've learned from them... and maybe one of those people is you!

I would like to start a series of {rather short and sweet} posts of the lessons I've learned from those I see around me. I hope they inspire you too!

The person I want to highlight in this post is none other than... Michelle Duggar :)

I am not an avid viewer of her show, 19 Kids and Counting, but I have seen enough to pick up on a few things about her.

The first thing I love about Michelle is how she honors and adores her hubby, Jim Bob. She smiles when he's around and they kiss a lot even in front of millions watching on TV. I love that about her. She is proud of him and doesn't really care what others think. She treats him with respect and truly follows his lead in the home.

The next lesson I've learned that truly inspires me from Michelle is the patience she shows to her children. Wow! Ok, I have 4 kids and she has 19 so let's do the math here... ummm, she has 15 more kids than I do to mother, love, discipline, hug and so on. I know we don't see everything that goes on in her life, but I see enough to conclude, this mama definitely practices what Paul talks about in first Corinthians 13... which is actually the very first thing that describes love... patient.

Finally, the last thing that Michelle Duggar has taught me is her grace through times of criticism. Be it for homeschooling, having so many children or choosing not to use birth control, etc... she handles tough questions and criticism with confidence and resilience. She doesn't seemed phased by critics and knows her ground and stays firm.

Are there other qualities that stand out to you in Michelle? If you could ask Michelle one question, what would it be?

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