WB Meal Plan - Eatin' Good in MY Neighborhood

When I think about meal plans for the coming week I try to incorporate very healthy components... here are the things I try to include when I'm being intentional about feeding my family healthy, wholesome meals...

1. Omega 3 (EFA's) ~ Although I've listed benefits in this post, I will just tell you... you need them. Your body does not manufacture these essential acids and without them, you will not be well. It helps stabilize moods, decrease arthritis, prevents diabetes, lowers cholesterol, improve ADHD affects, decrease risk of colon and breast cancer and the list goes on. EFA's are only found in fish, nut oils and some plants. You need to consume them at least twice a week, if not supplementation is needed.

2. Bright colored fruits & veggies ~ Deep colored plant foods offer a substance called phytochemicals. These powerful chemicals which are only found in plant foods fight off cancers and promote good health. Remember women should obtain at least 7 servings of fruits/vegetables a day and men, 9.

3. Low in saturated fat/cholesterol ~ Several years ago I was on a "low (almost NO) carb" diet which meant I overdid it on the animal-based foods. I absolutely think I was headed for an early grave. Not only was my hair ridiculously falling out, I also had extremely high cholesterol, ringing in my ears, heart palpitations and a heart rate of nearly 100 bpm... all of this in my early thirties. After I educated myself more on the dangers of low-carbing it, I wizened up and knew I needed to switch to healthy carbs and lower saturated fat foods. I do my best to feed my family this way now too and I choose more plant-based and whole grain meals over animal-based.

4. High protein ~ You might have noticed if you have followed this blog long enough, that I do not load my family up on dairy. We do use it occasionally, but from my research and understanding, products from cows aren't the healthiest. I do occasionally buy low fat cheeses and always organic, low-fat (Greek) yogurt. So most of our protein comes from beans, grains, eggs, chicken and fish. If your meal has a good amount of protein, you (and your family) will feel fuller longer and won't need to snack as much.

So all that being said... here's what we're having for dinners this week.


Salmon with Raspberry-Balsalmic Glaze

Herbed Wild Rice

Local fresh, green beans


Kale with Carrots, Feta & Brown Rice


Banana Bread with Walnuts & Flaxseed (compliments of Power Foods) **


Frittata Ranchera with Black Beans (compliments of Power Foods)

Local Cantaloupe & Berries

Multigrain baguette


"Creamy" Tomato Soup ~ made with almond milk & Greek yogurt **

Spinach Salad with Strawberries & Walnuts (both from Pretty Delicious) ~ with homemade raspberry-vinagrette dressing.

Left-over Multigrain baguette


Orange-Glazed Chicken Stir-Fry over Brown Rice (compliments of Pretty Delicious)**

Papaya-Berry Yogurt Parfaits

(** please leave me a comment if you want the recipe emailed to you).

Happy Eating!

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