20 Ways I Feel the Love at Aldi

There's a lot to be said about a place that's cheap and offers wholesome things. It does take a little studying and a keen eye amidst all the carefully stacked cardboard boxes, artificially colored puff balls and gummy-worm surprise as you enter this discounted German-based supermarket, but it can happen. Yes, Aldi is a place you can double your pleasure... cheap and healthy.

Here's a little bitabout Aldi... they only stock frequently purchased items so they turn over their inventory much quicker than other supermarkets making their items up to 40% less than other stores.

So at the request of one of my dearest friends (who is an amazing cook and makes some killer bean soup or as those from the south say, "soup beans") here is a list of my 20 favorite, healthy items I love at Aldi.

1. The LARGE "its all about saving green" resuable bag ($.99)

2. Veggie Chips

3. Trail Mix/Nuts/Dried Fruit

4. Extra Virgin Olive oil and Olive Oil spray

5. String cheese

6. Balsamic Vinegar

7. Brown Rice

8. Romaine lettuce/Spinach

9. Turkey Bacon

10. Wild caught canned/frozen salmon

11. Whole wheat pastas

12. 100% fruit juices

13. Corn tortillas

14. Hummus (scored very high on this very selective, "hummus-snobby" family)

15. Whole wheat (Triscuit-like) crackers

16. Frozen bag of Mixed Berries (for smoothies)

17. All Natural Fruit Strips (ahhh-mazing!)

18. Frozen Ground Turkey

19. 100% Whole Wheat Bread

20. Gelato & Italian Ice

I would add all the produce too, but I like ending on even numbers...

I know there are many more wholesome things at Aldi... tell me what you love?

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