10 Things I Will Do This Summer

By far, summer is my favorite season. I love breathing in the warm air and becoming entranced by the sights of nature in full swing around me. My energy levels are high. My outlook on things is somehow so much more positive. I love hearing my kids play outside while I'm prepping lunch. And I just love all the things that those warm, sunny days bring.

Being a list maker and knowing how quickly the summer days will pass, I am making a list (AND making it public) for all to see of what I vow to do this summer.

1. I will have a picnic(s) with my boys. There is nothing like packing up some healthy foods, drinks and utensils and heading to a nice location and eat as a family. I love being with my boys and hearing them interact and just being present with them. When you get out the door of your home, away from the everyday distractions, you can focus on each other and be all there and when food is involved its even better!

2. We will visit our local parks and bike paths. I know this may sound kind of blah to some, but I am such a believer of really being involved in our community. How are you going to know your neighbors and meet new friends if you are not out there? Plus we all need to get out and run, bike and breathe in some fresh air.

3. I will read ONE fiction book. I am NOT a fiction reader. I don't really see the point. My husband is a writer and would be appalled by that comment, but I need practicality and fiction is so opposite of what my brain sees as purposeful. But I am going to force myself to read at least one fiction book this summer... maybe the beach, a cold drink and the salt water splashing my feet will help.

4. We will visit friends. During the school year we are so busy and many of my best friends live many miles from me. These friends also have boys who are friends with my boys and its a bonus that while we sip coffee, our boys are off playing with Nerf guns or Legos.

5. We will visit local farmer's markets. I absolutely love taking my boys back into the community and letting them see the importance of buying locally. Talking with the sellers and sampling healthy foods is definitely a time we all enjoy. Here is our favorite market. To find one near you check this link.

6. Stargaze. I am fascinated with space and just God's handiwork in creating stars and galaxies. On a clear night with pj's on, we'll take a star map like this one and figure out the constellations together. My boys remember these special times.

7. Make sorbets. I don't know why, but I am really craving some sweet, wholesome sorbets like this one. I want to take advantage of the season's best fruits and make them into something different and enjoyable.

8. We will celebrate the 4th of July in a big way. This holiday is my favorite. I love being patriotic and I love all that it means... plus I love freshly made lemonade, watermelons and grilling out with family. This year there will be a little celebration at our house with fireworks to end the day.

9. Water fight! As I kid I remember having a huge water fight with our neighbors accompanied with big buckets and cold water from the faucet. Its one of those memories that is still vivid from my childhood. I want to give lots of good memories for my boys to grow up and remember. And with warm temperatures and about 12 kids in our cul-de-sac, I think a good, old-fashion water fight will be perfect to add to their collection of memories.

10. I will walk with my husband. Whether on the beach while on vacation or just around the block here at home, I will walk with my husband. We have the best talks about our future, our kids and our lives as followers of Christ when we are walking. He is my best friend, my encourager, a godly example and not to mention, my in-house editor. I love him more than anything and am so lucky we were matched up... this year marks 15 years. So yes, we will walk and solve the problems of the world.

What are you going to do this summer to make it memorable for you and your family? And what fiction books can you recommend to this fiction disliker?

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