Where to Go From Here: Post Raw Challenge

So the day has arrived. Day 10. I seriously didn't think this day would come, did you?

So how did you do? Did you survive? I hope so. But even more than that, I hope you thrived!

One thing I learned (from many things) during this challenge was how little food I actually need in a day. I do know that I go to food when I'm bored or stressed. It's definitely a comfort thing for me. But through this time, I realized how much life going on around me and during these 10 days I was more involved in life. Food was not my focus.

I am so happy with how my body responded to this challenge. Here are just a few things that changed over the last 10 days.
  • clearer skin
  • whiter sclera (white part of eye)
  • zero headaches (only on detox day!)
  • no brain fog; great ability to concentrate and finish tasks
  • zero moodiness 
  • slept like a baby
  • woke refreshed 
  • dropped some stubborn old pounds :) 
  • more energy
 So where do we go from here, my faithful raw foodies? Here are a few ideas for all of us.

1. Start slowly. Incorporate other foods in slowly very slowly. I can't stress this enough. For the first few days, keep raw foods in your diet. Maybe add in vegetable soup, salad with grilled chicken or yogurt with fresh fruit and granola on day one? I would not eat a lot of heavy foods (ie: high fat, sugary things... red meats, cakes, buttery things - I don't really recommend those at all, but particularly now). You digestive system will not respond well to junk, especially now. Seriously, we did this challenge to kick start us onto a better, vibrant you so don't throw that new you away! Your digestive system has been cleaned out more than likely during this challenge so don't dump garbage back into it!

2. Chew, chew chew! Digestion starts in the mouth. The more you chew the more nutrients will get absorbed before getting into your stomach. Make foods almost liquid before swallowing. This alleviates your body from working hard to digest and using energy you need for other things in your life. This is something all of us need to work on. We live in a super fast society. We need to learn to sit and slow down in many ways, eating is one!

3. Don't stop raw. Just because we're done does not mean we turn our backs on these glorious foods. They are full of life and nutrients and energy and so on. So try your best to keep them a constant thing in your daily lives. Even if it's an apple here, mango on a salad or a fun smoothie when you need a sweet thing.

4. Listen to your body. When you are satisfied NOT FULL, then stop. Who came up with the idea that we should stop eating when we're full? Can't we just be satisfied? Portions are one of my downfalls. I may be eating great things, but if I over indulge, what's the point? So eat to satisfy not to fill you up. Use small plates. Stop going back for more and don't use food as a crutch.

5. Don't beat yourself up if fall off the wagon! We are human. We have weaknesses and temptations. If you fall off the wagon, brush yourself off and start over and keep your goals in mind. Remember how great you felt during this challenge and move forward! Hey, if you survived this challenge, I know you have it in you!!!

6. Remember I'm here! That's why I started this blog, to encourage others to eat and live well. I'd love to help you figure out more of where to go from here if you need help! I'm just an email away!!

You did! I'm so proud of you! Thank you for taking this exciting journey with me. And meet me back, same place, same time next year!!!

I'd love to hear how your challenge went! Please leave me a comment with how this challenge was a help or positive thing for you! This will also help me as I prepare for another one next year :)


  1. We had wonderful results with the Raw food cleanse! We would definitely do it again and maybe a few time each year. We had the same results as you; clearer skin, energized, lost some pounds, realized how little food our bodies actually need, husband didn't have any of his hypoglycemic issues, my possible thyroid issues had disappeared, our taste buds were enlightened, overall we felt fantastic! It gave us a jump start to eating healthy...again. Thank you for the challenge and encouragement along the way.

    1. So happy to hear of your results, Jennie! That warms my heart :) Let me know when you do it again, I might have to jump in with you!

  2. I didn't quite make it to 10 days, but I absolutely love the benefits of raw food. I wrote about my experience on my blog! Thanks for putting this together and your always encouraging posts!

    1. It's totally fine not to make it to ten days, Amanda... it's just so amazing people attempted it and did it for whatever amount of time. I checked out your blog and <3 it!!! Can't wait to see what you're up to from time to time :)