Gearing Up :: Raw Food Challenge

As we prepare for our raw food challenge, if you're like me, the thought of even planning this challenge can be well, a challenge! But let's just agree to not make it complicated. It is only 10 days. If you can't do 10, go for 7... or 4 or 2. Don't be hard on yourself.

I am not a creative person so I most likely will do a lot of the same meals. My goal for you is to not get overwhelmed and then just give up.

I would encourage you to shoot for a lot of greens throughout your day. Realize that you may need to eat 2-3 bananas to get the equivalent calories of a normal snack. Four clementines and so on. Your salads for a meal need to BIG! At least double of what you would normally eat.

Here is a snippet of some raw eating ideas and pointers. More will come, don't worry. Questions email me here.

1. Buy in bulk. Raw foods are going to be lower in their caloric value than most cooked foods, so you will be eating a little more than normal. Plus the more you have sitting around, the more you won't be distracted and cheat... right?

2. Make sure you let your fruits ripen before eating. What you buy today may not be ready to eat just yet. So plan ahead.

3. I was bummed to find out that beans/legumes are not raw. So consider the following protein sources for this raw challenge. Most people need an average of 40-50 grams of protein a day. Foods that contain a good amount of protein are going to be found in green leafy vegetables, sprouts, nuts (make sure you are careful to watch your fat intake though!) and seeds like sunflower, chia, hemp and flax. These all are great sprinkled on salads or in your smoothies.

4. Learn to love bananas :) Bananas are cheap, convenient and filling. This will be my go-to snack.

5. So here is a little break down of what our day could look like.
  • wake up and have a warm cup of lemon water or herbal tea
  • for breakfast have a large bowl of a variety of fruits
  • mid morning, eat a few bananas or apples with a serving of nut butter
  • a green smoothie with hemp, chia or flax seeds might be good or a cool/warm soup
  • mid afternoon, clementines or carrot sticks and guacamole
  • dinner, a huge green salad... your choice of green -- romaine, kale, spinach, arugula 
  • bedtime snack... berries
So you think we can do it? Yes, we can!

Here are some great links to help you get some meal ideas brewing!

Make your own sprouts here. So easy and fun to do! And I use cheese cloth because I don't have the screen lid. Still works just perfect. They are so good for you!

Raw hummus

Chocolate soft-serve ice cream

Raw lasagna rolls

Creamy apple-anise soup

Raw salted caramel dip

Raw coconut-ginger pudding

Raw spaghetti with marinara sauce

Raw kale salad

Here are some Rawmazing recipes!

Creamy coconut salad dressing

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  1. Check out frozen green peas - they pack a good protein punch. A small bag of my store's brand has 25 grams of protein and fills a large soup bowl. YUM!

    1. Ohhh, thanks, Carla! Good point :)