WB Meal Plan - Gettin' Out of Slumps

I have been in a blogging, cooking, meal planning slump. I am in the midst of a backyard reno and somedays I just can't manage to even think about blogging. It's just one of those times. I promise I'll be back in full gear here soon.

This time of year starts to get real busy. We are just coming off Easter and spring break, but also have two birthdays this spring and baseball just started for one of my sons. But regardless, healthy and clean meals need to be and are still a priority for me.

I absolutely LOVE flavor in my food. I use real garlic -- not powder... real onions... real ginger and so on. These ingredients are cheap and add more flavor to meals than powder form. Yes, there are times to throw in some spices from the cabinet, but more times than not, I gotta have the real thing.

--skipped Monday-- opps!

Pineapple-Teriyaki Chicken
Brown rice
Snow peas

Wednesday ~ Ethan's 9th birthday!
Spaghetti with ground turkey & whole grain noodles
Mesclun salad
Whole wheat rolls

Light BBQ chicken pizza
Sliced pears

Eggplant parmesan panini
Fruit salad

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