My Little Corner of the World...

There are very few times during my day that I am able to stop
and enjoy the beauty all around me.

I know, it's my fault.

No, I'm really not talking about the coral roses that I can see out my dining room window.
Or the beautiful red-tailed hawk that comes to my backyard looking for an afternoon snack... those things are amazing, but...

But there are more important things. Questions about what Halloween costume I like best out of the new catalog. "Look at this, Mom!" as my 9-year old points to his new Lego creation. There are meals to prepare. Scrapes to nurse. Stains to scrub. Sticky tables to clean.

Sometimes I forget those are the beautiful things around me.

Life feels like it is speeding forward... and I want it to slow down.

But I've realized for it slow down, I must slow down first. Being fully present
to this life as it plays out... just as God orchestrated.

So for now, the beauty I will choose to see may be:
a bathroom sink uniquely designed with toothpaste art
my son singing, "My God is so Big" to his little brother on the way to the a soccer game
coins under my other son's pillow who is saving up for just the right moment
a pile of clothes to wash and an even bigger one to fold
dried tear stains on my cardigan from where I held my crying toddler

This is real beauty. I just need to slow down to appreciate it's worth.

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