Chasing After Unseen Glories

I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I have claimed him as my Lord and Savior. So if I acknowledge this truth to the world, shouldn't it be shown ... a lot? Not just on those good days when things are running seamlessly. No. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. Goodness, it's hard, I can tell you. We live in a sinful, "me-centered world" and yet we're expected to be blameless? Well, yes.


The word "humility" has been a repeating thought in my mind. It is the opposite of pride. So many times pride is the origin of many sins. It makes me think about the first act of sin, Eve wanting to be like God (pride) so she acted on it. Isn't this exactly what we do in a sense? Disobey to satisfy? Dishonor Him for our honor? What are our actions portraying? Humility or pride?

Sin is satisfying our inner-most desires and wants. It can also be seen as using all our energy to pull the world's attention on ourselves or accomplishments more than directing them all to Christ. I am guilty of this. 

Humility is different. If we can just turn our attention on God, fully, we begin to shrink. And ultimately, if we continue in this pattern, our sin will shrink too. Where's your focus these days?

Humility sees God as our everything. 

Humility fills us up with the goodness of Christ until there is nothing left of me. 

Humility opens the door to the hearts of others and to the heart of God. 

Humility places God first and everything else in its proper place. 

Humility is the awareness of my complete brokenness. I have nothing to give and God has everything to offer. 

Humility is chasing after unseen and insurmountable glories of heaven instead of temporary accolades on earth. 

Humility is knowing I have nothing to prove to this world, but Christ crucified. 

My prayer for you and me is that humility defines us. Day in and out. Each moment. Each circumstance. Each tear, struggle, ache and wound will result in a beautiful act of humility through you and me. 

I want to change my little corner of the world. I want to make my life count for Him.

God blesses those who are humble,     
for they will inherit the whole earth.

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  1. I was searching for recipes and one of yours (Apple Pie Smoothie) led me to your blogsite where I found your testimony and praise of our Savior. I was in awe while reading your loving tribute to God and inspired by your public declaration of your faith. Thank you for openly sharing your love of Him. While I do so behind closed doors with my therapy patients, your comments have encouraged me to be more honest, more public about my beliefs. ~Carol