This Man...

This man has been in my life for 29 years. We met in Mrs. Crawford's class in third grade. I guess he left love notes in my desk... I didn't remember. I was too distracted trying to impress a boy named Adam.

This man tried to break his arm that same year after I feel off the monkey bars and broke my arm. He told me he cried when he heard they were taking me to the hospital.

This man asked me to be his girlfriend in high school, junior year. I agreed. He was a cute soccer player, why not? It didn't last long. I remember crying in a white, square pillow with a bunch of lace on it when I got home from school. I was hurt, but the story doesn't end there.

This man ended up at the same college I did. He was crazy. He played tricks on me and my roommate. I felt like a sister. I admittedly tried to avoid him at times because I knew he was gonna do something to me.

This man grew up. He grew in the Lord. He had a sweet sense about him. He held the door for me. We went out. I remember wearing a pink wool coat. It was our junior year in college. I felt safe with him. He was funny. He bought me scratch-off lottery tickets. We lost.

This man took me to a park one spring day. He asked me to marry him. I agreed. I knew I never wanted to spend one day a part from him. I found ways to spend more time with him... I never avoided him. We married 8 months later... on this day. I love November 2nd. Whether it's raining or shining... I love this day.

This man has loved me when I'm irrational. He has forgiven me when I didn't deserve to be. His touch has always been kind. He thinks of me first. I never felt less than what a blessed wife should feel like. He has never raised his voice in anger to me. He shares. He never criticizes. He forgets my shortcomings.

This man has been there for the births of our four sons. He has raised them to be smart, kind men. He is a true example to them of a godly father on earth. He challenges them to be wise. To make good decisions. To love their mom. He practices what he teaches in parenting.

This man is the most perfect gift I could ever receive.

I love November 2nd. Whether it's raining or shining... I love this day.

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