Look Whose Turning...

** Sorry... this is a bragging blog post ***

I am a blessed woman. I have been married to my best friend for over 15 years now. He is turning 38 tomorrow. I am blessed for many reasons and here are just a few reasons why...

He listens. The other day he returned from a week long, work-related trip. I didn't realize how much I needed to tell him about my week. But after about 20 or so minutes... he remained there... standing, listening... really listening. There is just something about a man that really listens to you.

He is humble. My husband has had many great accomplishments lately... and most of the time, people don't even know. He doesn't really care that people know. He doesn't brag about himself. He would rather brag about good things... godly things... his family.

He works hard. Since being married to him, my husband has been a seminary student, a golf caddy, a pastor, a freelance writer and now an editor. Whatever he is doing, he never does it casually. He puts his everything in it and finishes things well.

He is satisfied at home. My husband is a home-body. I love this about him. He would rather sit at home, reading, being with his family, watching a movie and wrestling with his boys than out being busy. Don't get me wrong, we do enjoy getting out and doing fun things, but it isn't what drives us. I love that he spends his energy, after he's done with work, with us... not other people or things.

He likes my food. I am a crazy foodie. I love trying new dishes and rarely do I ever make the same meal twice. I think sometimes this frustrates him although he never complains about it. He compliments my cooking and is open-minded to my new food adventures. He cares deeply about my feelings and he encourages our sons to be food adventurers too!

He loves a laugh. Rarely does a day go by that we don't find something humorous to laugh about. He is witty and loves to bring a smile to whoever he's around. He says I don't laugh at his jokes like I did when we were dating, but I think otherwise. He always brings a smile to my face.

He works through tough issues. A couple months ago, I was really bothered by some things going on in our lives. I was to the point of losing sleep over it. This in turn, bothered him. He researched ways and sought out advice from others on how we could deal with this and in a matter of days, he had a solution. When I am falling apart, he is pulling me back together.

He doesn't change. In this I mean, his self... his personality... Brian. He is dependable. He is usually predictable. I am never surprised by an abrupt demeanor or a changing mood. He is constant and calm. While I can be up and down and all-over-the-map sometimes, he always levels me out.

He leads well. I trust him with our family's lives. I know he has a godly vision for our sons and us. We may not have all the money in the world or an amazing portfolio, but I feel our future is truly secure because of the godly example and guidance he gives us daily. I feel he is one of the best dads (and obviously husband too!) ever and what more can a mom want than to see her sons grow in godliness and manliness through the years? These are things money can never buy.

He is wise. Like I said earlier, I can be all over the place with things... things I think are great ideas or investments, but he sometimes will see clearer and may need to bring me back to reality on them. When turmoil or issues come up, I know I can immediately run to him for wisdom and guidance, every step of the way. And after 15 years, I can finally say, he is usually right about things we may differ on.

Thank you, Brian, for being you. For not changing with the wind. For being a man I'm always proud of and quite often amazed by. Your wisdom is something I cherish. Your love and hard work bring me great security in this crazy life. I love you.

Happy Birthday.

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